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Photography by  Mark Grantham.

cirque érotique

Part carnival, part road-show, part state fair or arcade… behold an eclectic mix of aerial artistry, contortion, acrobatics… juggling, magic, games… and sexy men - a feast for the eyes, and a few tricks on the eye too… all in an urban industrial setting... Step right up - the show is about to begin!

As a boy did you always want to run away and join the circus? Now’s your chance to live the fantasy. Do you ride a unicycle, juggle, fire dance? How about contortion or stilt walking?? Ariel work? Maybe you have dancing French Poodles – wait, never mind on that one! I am looking for fit and sexy men willing to show off their mad skills! Or, maybe you’re super-fit and just want to show your bod off – that’s great too. From mild to wild, let the show begin…

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