Fine Art Male Figure Photography by Mark Grantham

Photography is my art. While I'm quite serious about all this, I also want to keep it fun, which is why I've kept my day job!

One branch of my art is photography of the male physique. The shapes, contours, tones, and textures. A sculptural element. How light plays across a muscle, or reflects in the hair. A glint in the eye. A playful moment. How the figure relates to, or contrasts with, the surroundings. The mimicking of shapes. The strength of man mirrored in the environment - the relationships that are captured. A moment in time.

I've been lucky... my work has captured some attention recently. There was a one-man exhibition in San Francisco in July 2007. My work has also been featured in three anthology photography books recently, plus a few Magazine covers and a couple of ads.


Don't get me wrong - I love that attention, but it's not why I create. I create for me. I create for the models. I create to push myself - to think about things differently, to see things in a new light.


I'm very flattered when a viewer is captured by an image. If my work has spoken to you the 7 books above are available directly from the printer by clicking the link (click anywhere on the white box). Otherwise, read on about purchasing fine art prints!

Or, maybe you would like to see yourself in my art - I'm always looking for very fit guys to share this creative vision.

And, I can be hired to shoot you, whether for your modeling book, on-line profile, or whatever you might be looking for.

I hope you enjoyed this small cross-section of my portfolio. Let me know what you think!

Mark Grantham
Santa Cruz, California


Most images in these on-line galleries are available as fine art enlargements. Both Color and Black & White enlargements are custom printed at a professional photo lab, using professional photo paper (no home ink-jet prints!).

The proportions on many prints are unique based on whether the entire negative or file has been printed (“full frame”), or if it has been cropped in some way. Therefore the final image sizes may vary. Neither 35mm film negatives, nor digital files, conform to the standard paper sizes of 8x10 or 11x14, a full frame image will include some type of border around the actual image.

Black & White or Color pricing:

  • 8x10 or 8x12 (open edition prints): $ 40
  • 11x14 or 11x17 (limited edition prints): $125

Other sizes, or prints on canvas, or prints directly on brushed aluminium are available on select images. By all means, please let me know if you have any questions.

Shipping and insurance within the U.S. is an additional $10 for the first print (additional prints in the same order are shipped at no charge).


I have no desire to make my living from photography - I'd rather keep it fun. Of course I wouldn't mind if the hobby was a bit more self-supporting too. Are you looking for some unique and artistic imagery of yourself? If you are looking for something fun... updating your book/portfolio with some artistic imagery... creating something eye-catching for an on-line profile... documenting what you look like at this stage in life... If what you're looking for is a plain studio portrait I think I'll take a pass though - I'd rather stay at my day job!

Because I do this for fun, I don't really have a formal rate structure. Write to me and let me know what you're thinking about and what you would like to see come out of a shoot , and lets talk. Generally speaking, my rates begin at $75 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum. Less per hour for a longer shoot.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Photography is a collaborative art. I am always looking for exceptional male models to work with. If you like what you see here, and think you might have "the look," by all means please drop me a note (preferably include a couple of images of yourself as well). You should be very fit, with clear skin, and a great outlook. Age, as long as you're 18 or over, isn't important. Ethnicity either. I love creating a diverse portfolio. You don't need to be a "model" either - the majority of the men represented here are either friends who had never modeled before, or guys who were interested in modeling, but just beginning. Creating art doesn't make anyone rich though - in fact it doesn't even pay the bills. What you would get would be a CD of some great images from our collaboration. So, let's create some art!

Show me what you've got going on!

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